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About Us

Realizing unforgettable moments of enjoyment.

Whether it concerns a dinner in a private circle, snacks at a reception or a buffet for a large number of conference participants, quality and service always come first at CafeCuba Catering

The most beautiful occasions conquer a place in your heart. You will cherish them years later. Milestones in life that you look back on with a feeling of happiness or affection. It is CafeCuba's motive to create unforgettable moments like this. Because what makes us happy is making you and your guests a little happier.

The catering of delicious food and drinks is in the genes of CafeCuba

For three generations in a row we have been doing what we do best: spoiling others with culinary delights.

For us, creating happiness starts with a carefree perfection, where hospitality comes first. The most important thing for us is that every guest feels welcome and seen. Whether during your party at home, business or exclusive, we offer you the possibilities to make it unforgettable.

1. 6 Years of experience

We have been in the catering industry since 6 years and have served several 100's of weddings and party gatherings.

2. Wide menu coverage

Our menu covers the entire South and North indian dishes. You will not miss any recipe that is not in our list.

3. We maintain Taste, Hygiene & Quality

These are our 3 go to factors amid our ctaering offerings. This is what has made us the stand in the competitive market and satisfaction of our clients.